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Our interest in disseminating the architectural heritage of Mexico is translated into several projects that involve the public, such as:


In our architectural tours we offer a large amount of architectural and urban information related to the places we visit. We have the guidance of a specialist, either in the Colony or the place we visit, or in the subject of our visit.


Talks with the City are a great means of communication to reach the population of a neighborhood. Each of our talks is made to convey the history and architectural heritage of the place.



At FUNDARQMX we like to be in contact with the people who support us and recognize their work, which is why our contests are open for citizen participation.


Our interest in disseminating architectural culture has led us to planning seminars with specialized speakers on each topic.


One of the best channels for disseminating the country's architectural and urban culture are the exhibitions in which the explanatory text is illustrated through photographs.

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