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One of the best channels for disseminating the country's architectural and urban culture are the exhibitions, in which the explanatory text is illustrated through photographs.


If you have an exhibition to plan and would like us to participate in it,send us an email!

Habitar en la lava - Fb.jpg
01 Luis Barragán 120.jpg


Join us to celebrate!


Next Tuesday, February 8, 2022

In the Tetetlan Galleryyesand inaugurates a true visual tribute to the life and work of the Architect Luis Barragán, 120 years after his birth; Exhibition of 120 carefully selected images and some unpublished from theArmando Salas Portugal Foundation.We join in alliance with Tetetlán Gallery, Cesar Cervantes Pedregal Cultural Center, Pedregal Citizen Observatory and Armando Salas Portugal Foundation

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